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Yao Jingming

Yao Jingming is Vice President of China Huaxin Post and Telecommunication Development Center (Huaxin), holding concurrent posts as the Director of Shanghai Fortune Telecommunication Technology Development Co.,Ltd., and the General Manager of Shanghai Xinhui Information Technology Co., Ltd., responsible for technology, strategy, and international cooperation.
Mr. Yao Jingming has held senior management position of Fortune Global 500 Companies for a long time. He has a wealth of experience in multinational enterprises and senior management. He once managed a business group with a team size of over 5,000 people and a business volume of RMB 20 billion. He has rich practical experience in corporate strategy development as well as leadership and execution of major multinational projects. He also has a deep understanding of macro-economy and industry trends. He joined Shanghai Bell in July1986. He has held various key management positions since 1996 and has served as the Executive Vice President of the Company since January 2004. In addition, he successively served for the fixed communication network group, wired networking group, communication network group, solutions and market, quality and change, as well as the international business group. During his tenure, he led the team to meet the challenges of the market courageously. While vigorously strengthening advantageous markets, he actively organized the development of new products, exerted great efforts to open up a new market space, enhanced the competitiveness of the organization effectively, and promoted the sustainable development of the Company.
Mr. Yao Jingming graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University. Later, he obtained his EMBA from China Europe International Business School and his DBA from Hong Kong Polytechnic University.