Talents Strategy

To achieve the strategic positioning of China Huaxin, which is the investment and holding platform in the Information and Telecommunication Domain, the objective of Human Resources Management is to make a talent team, which can support the enterprise to achieve its strategic goal, with brilliant entrepreneurs as the core, professional and high-efficient management and business teams as the backbone, and aspirant grassroots staff as the base.

We deeply understand that the company environment and mechanism construction are the most important to the excellent talents to work here happily and contribute willingly. We would like to provide chances for people who are willing to do, make stages for people who are capable to do, give positions for people who do well, and offer values for people who succeed.

We have a straight-forward and transparent work environment. Corporate interest is the only criteria in our judgment. We advocate teamwork and group spirit. We seek to align employee success with corporate development. We have a multi-business and cross-cultural platform that offers our various people with diversified developmental opportunities. We devote to build up an environment that each employee can contribute happily with his/her wisdom and capabilities.