Suzhou Urban Rail Transit Signal and Telecommunications Engineering Technology Research Center Successfully Launched

Editor:administrator    Source:China Huaxin    Date:14.11.2013    Hits:6653

Nov.5, 2013, the Suzhou Urban Rail Transmit Signal and Telecommunications Engineering Technology Research Center, contracted by Shanghai Fuxin Intelligent Transportation Solutions Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of China Huaxin Post and Telecommunication Development Center, was launched in Suzhou New District with a launching ceremony. The research center, by joining hands with Suzhou University, Suzhou Tram Company and other institutions, will be dedicated to the innovation and development of communication and signaling for urban rail transit, including streetcar transportation, providing strong technological support to the construction and development of urban rail transit in Suzhou. Government officials from the Suzhou New District Administrative Committee jointly inaugurated the research center with Wu Hao, General Manager of Suzhou Fuxin, witnessed by all the employees of Suzhou Fuxin.

Accompanied by Wu Hao, the officials visited the offices and show room in the company after the ceremony. They exchanged views with the Fuxin management on how to better support the development of urban rail transportation in Suzhou and how to attract talented people to support the development, etc.


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