Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai Bell Provides China Telecom with New LTE Network Ultra-Wideband Interface Technology

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Shanghai – December 12 2013. Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai Bell (ASB) has announced that China Telecom has chosen its innovative LTE solutions for the deployment nationwide of high-speed broadband. China Telecom’s network includes LTE-TDD and FDD, with ASB to become one of China Telecom’s top three LTE network equipment suppliers. ASB is a Chinese subsidiary of Alcatel-Lucent. 

Currently, in terms of users, mobile data service and smartphones, China is the world’s largest market, with annual growth rates of over 50%. China Telecom currently has over 181 million mobile users across China. 

Important Information: 

1. As an important component part of its new nationwide ultra-wideband mobile interface network, China Telecom has selected ASB’s lightRadioTM LTE radio access network (RAN). 

2. ASB will provide China Telecom with 9,892 base stations, deploying LTE-TDD and LTE-FDD networks in 12 provinces nationwide, and becoming one of the top three suppliers for China Telecom. 

3. China Telecom has over 181 million users, and is currently deploying LTE networks to satisfy demand that is growing daily in the world’s largest smartphone market for high-speed mobile internet. 

4. Following from cooperation LTE-TDD agreements signed between Alcatel-Lucent and China Mobile and Sprint, China Telecom has also chosen Alcatel-Lucent to deploy LTE networks, which will further consolidate Alcatel-Lucent’s leading position in the LTE field. 

5. Alcatel-Lucent is a powerful world leader in LTE, and has won more than 40 commercial deployment contracts, including with 8 of the world’s top 10 service suppliers. 

6. Alcatel-Lucent’s “transitioning strategy” is focused on reorienting the company as an IP network and ultra-wideband interface solutions expert. LTE deployment, including the most recent cooperation with China Telecom, exhibits the provision of advanced technology to transition towards ultra-wideband and to allow full play to its important advantages. 


Alcatel-Lucent CEO Michel Combes has stated that: “Ultra-wideband interface is the core of our transitioning strategy, and mobile broadband is even more so an important investment focus field. Its objective is to utilize technical support to assist clients to rapidly and effectively launch LTE service. Therefore, this cooperation with China Telecom is of special significance to Alcatel-Lucent, and exemplifies the wide acknowledgement of our LTE strategy. Based on this innovative platform, China Telecom will be able to rapidly launch its LTE services, allowing its users to enjoy 4G.”


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