YOFC Again Receives First Place in the “2012-2013 Top 10 Most Competitive China Optical Fibre Enterprises Ranking”

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November 25 2013. Results of the “2013 Top 10 Most Competitive Global/China Optical Fibre Enterprises” were released recently at the 2013 China Optical Communication Development and Competitiveness Forum (ODC 2013). Yangtze Optical Fibre & Cable (YOFC) received first place in the ranking for “2012-2013 Top 10 Most Competitive China Optical Fibre Enterprises”, second place in the “2012-2013 Top 10 Most Competitive Global Optical Fibre Enterprises”, and fifth place in the “2012-2013 Top 10 Most Competitive China Optical Communication Market Enterprises”,and also won the “2013 China Optical Communication Market Best Client Service Award”. YOFC president Zhuang Dan was also awarded the “2013 Annual China Optical Communication Management Figure Award”.

The awards were jointly organized by NTR –the Network Telecom Information Research Institute and the Asia-Pacific Optical Communications Committee. The award review committee was composed of authoritative experts from domestic communication fields and economics, management, and statistical fields. Each major award recipient was considered from a total of 73 indices, including production scale, market performance, product performance, after-sales service, growth rates, and enterprise management and culture. An objective and systematic analysis was conducted of the competitiveness of participating enterprises, with reference basis provided for optical communication industry competitive analysis. The awards are designed to promote the healthy development of China’s optical communication industry, and to help China’s optical communication enterprises to improve competitiveness. In this way, they can come to realize their own advantages and disadvantages, opportunities and challenges, which can also be used a reference by operators during tenders.

This year, YOFC swept up a total of five major awards, and maintained its first-place ranking in the “Top 10 Most Competitive China Optical Fibre Enterprises” award. This fully exhibits the high acknowledgement of the industry toward YOFC’s leading position in the optical fiber industry. In the future, YOFC will continue to strive toward further development in the optical fiber business, providing clients with more competitive optical fiber products and services.


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