Xiao Yaqing emphasized to strengthen opening cooperation and implment innovation-driven development when visiting in NSB

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On July 27, 2018, SASAC Chairman Xiao Yaqing went to Shanghai Nokia Bell Limited Company(NSB) for inspection. During the inspection, Xiao had in-depth exchange with the researcher at the R&D laboratory, making a detailed understanding of independent innovation and international cooperation achievement which NSB has made in the field of 5G Communication Technologies, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning , etc. He also listened to the production and management, reform and development, and the Party’s construction, of NSB. Xiao stressed that NSB should guide by Xi Jinping’s socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era and the spirit of nineteen, making a thorough study of the important discourse of Reform and development of state-owned enterprises and Party’s construction said by Xi Jinping. Xiao said that NSB should strengthen opening cooperation and implement innovation-driven development, concentrating superior resources to break through key core technologies of strategic forward-looking significance and striving to be the innovative high-tech enterprise. At last, Xiao concluded that NSB should stand to win-win cooperation, deepen cooperation with Nokia, concentrating on the main business, being excellent on the specialty, to continuously improve the international competitiveness.

During the visit in Shanghai, Xiao Yaqing attended the activity of The 100 day’s countdown of the first China international import expo.
Peng huagang, deputy secretary general of SASAC, and other relevant departments and bureaus took part in the visit.


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