The Signing Ceremony of EEB to Increase Capital on FITSCO Was Held in Beijing.

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On the morning of September 8, 2018, the signing ceremony of EEB to increase capital on FITSCO was held in China Railway Electrification Bureau (Group) Co. Ltd, known as “EEB”, in Beijing. The signing ceremony was hosted by Shen Jiujiang who is the vice-general manager of EEB.

In the presence of Chief Engineer Kong Dun of China Railway Group Limited and General Manager Ma Jie of China Huaxin Post and Telecom Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Huaxin"), Wei Guo, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of EEB; Guan Jingzhi, Vice General Manager of China Huaxin, general manager of Shanghai Fortune Telecommunication Technology Development Co., Ltd (“Shanghai Fortune” for short), chairman of Fuxin Intelligent Transportation Solutions Co., Ltd (FITSCO for short); and Wu Hao, general manager of FITSCO, signed equity cooperation agreements on behalf of the companies respectively. 

According to this agreement, EEB achieves the strategic holdings to FITSCO. FITSCO will be a platform to form more strategic cooperation between EEB and China Huaxin. The parties to the interests of shareholders will give their full support to FITSCO to carry out independent and innovative rail transit business, and to create a leading domestic and internationally competitive intelligent transportation control enterprise.

Representatives Signed the Agreement

At the ceremony, kong Dun, Chief Engineer of China Railway Group Limited, Ma Jie, General Manager of China Huaxin and Li Aimin, General Manager of EEB made speeches respectively.

Kong Dun, Chief Engineer of China Railway Group Limited

Ma Jie, General Manager of China Huaxin

 Li Aimin, General Manager of EEB

the Signing Was Hosted by Shen Jiujiang, Vice-General Manager of EEB

EEB is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Railway Group Limited. It was founded with the construction of the first electrified railway in China. It is a leading enterprise in the field of railway and rail transit electrification in China. FITSCO, (former Shanghai Bell Transportation Solutions Division), is a rising star in the field of rail transit with its own intellectual property rights, signaling and communication solutions covering the whole life cycle of the project.

In the past ten years, EEB and FITSCO have had lots of successful project cooperation. The cooperation this time at the capital level will integrate the strong brand resource, market resources of EEB and its electrical & mechanical technology consisting such subsystems as traction power supply, electricity, with the communication and signaling technology of FITSCO, so as to complement and share the advantages of the two parties and win together.

About EEB
China Railway Electrification Bureau (Group) Co., Ltd, known as EEB, was founded in 1958 with the first ever electrified railway–Baoji-Chengdu railway commenced on. It has experienced 56 fantastic years. EEB is one of the key members of China Railway Group Ltd., which is one of the world top 500 enterprises and brand names. It is also the backbone and fore runner of the electrified railway company in China.

During the 59 years since it was established, EEB has accumulatively constructed and put into operation more than 30,000km electrified railway, which approximately reaches 80% of the total length of  electrified railway under operation in China. EEB has also constructed many high speed railways, such as Beijing-Tianjin, Beijing-Shanghai, Wuhan-Guangzhou, Harbin-Dalian and so on, accounting for around 70% of the total high speed railway in length in China. EEB plays a significant role and makes great contribution in making China the second top electrified railway country and the first of high speed railway in length in the world.


Shanghai Fuxin Intelligent Transportation Solutions Co., ltd. (“FITSCO” for short) was established in Feb. 2012 

Since 2005, FITSCO (former Shanghai Bell Transportation Solutions Division) has successively undertaken the construction of rail transit signaling and communication system for Beijing Metro Line 4, Beijing Daxing Line, Shanghai Metro Line 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, and other constructions in cities like Guangzhou, Wuhan etc. To expand our business, the company has set up subsidiaries in Suzhou and Guangxi (wholly owned subsidiary), and Shandong (joint venture), and has set up a branch in Changzhou as well.

FITSCO mainly provides urban rail transit signaling and communication solutions on fields like metros, rubber tire vehicles (monorails, suspended monorails, APMs), trams, commuter trains. In Apr. 2014, FITSCO’ s complete CBTC signaling system was issued the highest level of security authentication certificate by a third party authority. Soon in Nov. 2014, FITSO was issued the bidding qualification on urban rail transit signaling system by the China’s National Development and Reform Commission. For the past few years, FITSCO has successively undertaken the Comprehensive Signaling and communication construction for Shanghai Metro Line 8 Phrase Ⅲ, Shanghai Pudong Airport Express Project, Qingdao Metro Line 6 Project(TACS), as well as many constructions on Tram signaling and communication integration projects in Shanghai, Suzhou, Huai’an and Wuhan etc.


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