Poly Group Donated 16 ECMO to Wuhan

Editor:管理员    Source:Poly Group    Date:03.03.2020    Hits:1061

In the morning of February 28, at Tongji Hospital in Wuhan, Poly Group donated the medical equipment ECMO worth more than 30 million yuan to Wuhan. Leaders of the logistics supply team and the medical team led by the Central Steering Task Force, Poly Group, and Wuhan Tongji Hospital attended the donation activity.

Poly is reliable at this critical moment. In the morning of February 21, after learning that the epidemic battlefront in Wuhan was in urgent need of ECMO, the Poly Group’s epidemic prevention and control leading group negotiated on-site and quickly formulated an action plan. According to the deployment of the Central Steering Task Force, they first identified the specific needs of relevant parties, contacted the details of equipment import, and assigned personnel to contact Sinopharm to issue a letter of equipment import authorization. In the evening of February 27, 16 pieces of urgently needed ECMO equipment arrived in Wuhan, and then they were immediately put into the main battlefield of epidemic prevention and control to save the lives of critical patients.

Wang Jiangping, leader of the logistics supply team led by the Central Steering Task Force, spoke highly of Poly Group’s outstanding contribution to the prevention and control of this epidemic. He said that Poly’s dedication fully reflects its responsibility as a central enterprise.


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