Shanghai Fortune Intelligent Traffic Control LLC "Intelligent Transportation" project signing ceremony was held in Suzhou New District

Editor:Administrator    Source:China Huaxin    Date:08.08.2012    Hits:4441

On Aug. 7, 2012, Shanghai Fortune Intelligent Traffic Control LLC, a subsidiary of China Huaxin Post and Telecommunication Development Center (hereinafter referred to as China Huaxin), held the signing ceremony of "Intelligent Transportation Technology Industrial Park of Suzhou New District project" in Suzhou. The signing of the cooperation agreement, which greatly increase the impact of FITSCO in the field of intelligent transportation, has promoted the successful application of a modern streetcar system and to achieve the strategic layout of China Huaxin in the field of intelligent transportation industry.

The two sides leaders were presented at the signing ceremony: The deputy mayor of Suzhou, Pu Rong Gao, the Standing Committee of Suzhou New District, Niu Yue Ming, Xu Bingxing and other leaders from the city and district, the deputy director of China Huaxin management committee, Ma Jie, the managing director of Shanghai Fortune, GuanJingzhi, the president of FITSCO, Wu Hao . During the signing ceremony, FITSCO signed an investment collaboration agreement with Suzhou Science and Technology Town about establish Suzhou Fortune Intelligent Traffic Control Co., Ltd., and set up the project of intelligent transportation technology industrial park in Suzhou New District.


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